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Criminal lawyers have two distinct methods in which they bill clients.

The first is an hourly billing method.  In this billing method, you provide your lawyer with an initial retainer (ie deposit) which the lawyer holds in trust.  As your lawyer does work on your file, he bills against these funds held in trust, until they are exhausted, at which point you will be asked to replenish your retainer.  This cycle continues until your case is finished.

The second is a flat fee billing method. Similar to the hourly billing method, you provide your lawyer with a retainer, and as he does work on your file, he bills against the retainer.  Where this method differs, is that when you are asked to bring in further money towards your file, it will not exceed in total the flat fee that was quoted to you

Graham Zoppi provides both billing methods, depending on the type of case and its complexity, as well as the preferences of the client.  In the majority of cases clients prefer a flat fee billing model and the certainty that it provides.  Graham Zoppi will tailor a fee structure that allows you to have quality representation with minimal hardship on your finances.  His fees are reasonable, and in accordance with other lawyers in the field.

Clients who can not afford to pay a lawyer themselves can apply for legal aid from Legal Aid Ontario.  Mr. Zoppi's office accepts legal aid, although Mr. Zoppi does limit the type and number of legal aid files that he works on personally at a given time.  No client with legal aid will be turned away however.  Mr. Zoppi will ensure that you receive quality representation.